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Word 2010 - Multiple Headers

The insructions below will walk you through the process of creating multiple headers for a single document in Word 2010. This is helpful if you wish to have seperate headers for different titled sections of a paper, or if you have multiple chapters and wish to have the chapter or chapter name listed as the running header for each chapter.


Creating Multiple Headers

If you have multiple chapters or sections, but have created a running header for your first chapter/section, you may notice that the header continues for the length of the document as shown below:


First Chapter's Header(click to enlarge):

First Header.JPG

Second Chapter, continued Header(click to enlarge):

Continued Header.JPG


To Prevent this from happening a Section Break must be entered at the beginning of Chapter 2. To insert a break at this location:

  1. Click on "Page Layout" as shown below
  2. Click on "Breaks"
  3. Click on "Continuous"


With the break inserted a new header can be created by following these steps:

  1. Double Click on the header area just above where the section break was created
  2. Type the new header as shown below Creating 2nd Header.JPG
  3. Un-select the "Link to Previous" option in the Navigation area of the ribbon as shown below
    UnLink Header.JPG
  4. Double click on the body of your document

A new sperate header should now be created for this section. You can repeat this process throughout your document to create different headers for each chapter/section.

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