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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

MyIWU Portal Upgrade Information

Check out some of the highlights of what is new or different in the upgraded myIWU Portal live May 2nd, 2018.


  • Order of Classes - The new web part lists courses in alphabetical order 
  • Number of Classes Listed - The number of classes listed is based on the timeline of 1 complete term for IWU Marion classes plus a week for grading.  It is a global setting for everyone.
  • Course Announcements - Each course can have up to 2 announcements listed
  • Brightspace Homepage Courses are still accessible via the Brightspace homepage. If a faculty member (or student) selects the  button from the top right side of the portal homepage, this will take them to a screen with all of their current courses listed (including those courses that they will be instructing in the near future – provided they have been enrolled).


  • Residential Students has been renamed to IWU-Marion Student  
  • Non-Residential Students has been renamed to IWU-National & Global Student  
  • New to Employee Tools
    • Time Entry
    • Time History
    • Time Approval (for supervisors)
    • Employee History (for supervisors)
    • Benefit Enrollment
  • New to Faculty
    • New - Grades & Attendance
      • Enter Grades
      • Grade Change
      • Enter Attendance
      • Submitted Attendance
    • New - Tools under Faculty
      • Class Roster Select Section 
      • My Schedule 
      • Academic Offices Student Access
      • New Student Registration
      • N & G Class Search
      • IWU Marion Class Search
      • Recommend Tutors 
      • Release Verification  
      • Student Directory Search  
  • New to Advising Resources 
    • Student Search 
      • IWU Marion Class Search 
      • N & G Class Search
      • Student Directory Search 

MyIWU Portal  

  • Quick Function buttons – optimizes access to systems that are unitized by many users on a repeatable basis
  • Menu Location Change - fixes lengthy menu item lists, allows for expansion, provides more page real estate 
  • Streamlined Constituencies from 5 to 3  
    • IWU Marion Students
    • IWU National & Global and Wesley Seminary Students 
    • The Employee Constituency is now made up of IWU National & Global Faculty, IWU Marion Faculty & the Employee Constituencies 
  • Constituent Visibility - allows constituents to cross areas, allows menu options to be appropriately titled 
  • Improve Announcement and page options for site owners 
  • Take advantage of the improved functionality of SharePoint 2013, including better search functionality, drag-and-drop to upload documents, engaging "Facebook-like" discussion boards, etc.  


  • Constituency Owners - If there is ever a need to contact one of the Main page owners of the new portal, they are listed below     
  • Employee Constituency:  Cindy Ketcham, Sue Melton, and Mark Pederson
  • IWU-Marion Student: Stephanie LeBlanc
  • IWU-National & Global and Wesleyan Seminary:  Sue Melton   

Colleague Live 

  • SSO (Single Sign On)  - Will not be available at the portal Go Live for Colleague Live 

IT Support Center  - Need Additional Help? 


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