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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Login Failure - Not Listed as a Registered On Campus Student

Login Error

Login fails and you get the following error message:

You are not listed as a registered on campus student. Please contact the Student Development Office at to apply.


This requires access to an OdysseyHMS client.

First things to check:

1. Has deposit been paid?

2. Is the Person_Pin_User_ID set.  If not submit an incident ticket to Software Dev

3, Check for duplicate Person_Pin_User_IDs in OdysseyHMS client

Click the advanced find buttonadvanced_find_button.png

Add a query where Student.Person_Pin_User_ID = the userid of the the person you are searching for, e.g. ben.brown



If two or more show up, then place an end date on the ones that are no longer students.  If you don't know which ones then submit an incident ticket to Software Dev

If none of these are the issue, more than likely it is a password problem. They will need to have their password reset.  This is handled by the support center.

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