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02. Creating a Document


Explains how to create a document (Word, Excel or Powerpoint) using SkyDrive..


First Step

Before beginning you'll need to first Sign into SkyDrive. Once you've signed in you can proceed to the next steps below.

Second Step

Now that you've signed into SkyDrive you should see a screen like this:


Third Step

In order to create a document you will need to:

  1. Click on the "Create" button as shown below:
  2. Select the type of Document you wish to create



  3. Type in what you'd like the file to be called and then click Create (In this example we choose to create a Word document).


  4. You are now ready to edit your document. When finished click the "Save" button as shown here


  5. To Exit your document and get back to the SkyDrive screen click on the "SkyDrive" link or the "X" as shown by the two red boxes below



  6. You can now see your document at the SkyDrive screen as shown here
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