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When installing Adobe Acrobat Professional, 6 and up, you may encounter an error. The error will say something similar to “Error 1606.Could not access network”. Registry Files of previous versions of Microsoft Office are causing the conflict. Below are the instructions for the Adobe installation.

Before accessing or editing the registry it is reccommended that your back up the registry. Deleting or editing any files within the registry may cause certain programs not to funtion and/or cause a system failure. For detailed intruction on how to back up your registry before editing click on this link,

1. Close all programs

2. Go to Start then Run.

3. Type regedit and hit enter.

4. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then choose Software. Next, choose Microsoft and then choose Office.

5. Under this folder you will see files such as 8.0, 9.0,11.0,and 12.0. These are the different versions of Microsoft Office.

6. Find out which Version you are currrently using.

                                      Microsoft Office Versions
                                      Office 2007 - Version 12
                                      Office 2003 - Version 11
                                      Office XP - Version 10
                                      Office 2000 - Version 9
                                      Office 97 - Version 8

7. Once you know what version you have(ex. 12.0 or Office 2007) delete ALL OTHER versions lower than this number. Simply right click on the file and hit delete. This will leave several other folders including 12.0 but this will have deleted old registry files from previous versions. For example, if you are using Office 2007, delete the folder 11.0, 9.0, and 8.0 if they exist.

8. Close out of Regedit and restart your computer.

9. Install Acrobat

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Below are screen shots of the process



Office (If you get here and you see version 8 or 9 and you don't have any Office products with that version number then proceed to the next step).

Right-click on the Keys (in this case it was 8.0 and 9.0) and click on Delete from the drop down. Confirm the delete.

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