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Peer Coach Needs Log-in

A Guest Assessor (i.e., Peer Coach) does not need a username and password to log in and assess your work.  They should receive an invitation via e-mail which takes them to a screen where they log in using only their e-mail address.
In either a Share attempt or an ePortfolio submission for Assessment, there are very specific steps you will need to take before these automated e-mails will go to them. To ensure you have taken these steps, please view the M.Ed. ePortfolio Orientation Video located at:
Alternatively, you can also follow the steps below:
STEP ONE for you: On your Dashboard tab (in your ePortfolio) is a section called News. You may need to expand it if you do not see a list of articles.
From there, download the MED Candidate Guidebook (IMPORTANT NOTE: This is different than what you may have received with your coursework) and the Peer Coach ePortfolio Guide.

First is the MED Candidate Guide.  This will walk you through the steps to either share or submit your ePortfolio to ensure there is nothing you are missing. The easiest way to share is to Share using a Secure URL and send it to yourself. Then take the automated e-mail you will receive and forward it to whoever you would like to share the URL with. (Page 18 Section C.)
Looking at the MEd Candidate Guide, use the quick reference index to jump right to the information you need as you may not need everything covered in the Guide. (Page 18 for ePortfolio sharing and Page 19 or 1st linked Video Timestamp {13:26} for Submitting completed ePortfolio Sections.

If you are submitting for an assessment, follow the steps in the Guide or Video and then verify your Peer Coach received the automated e-mail which should automatically come from the software once you have submitted using the Submit button.  If they did not receive an e-mail notification, please continue with the next steps.

STEP 2 for your Peer Coach: There are several things that can get in the way of a successful submission and/or share.  The MEd Peer Coach ePortfolio Guide will walk them through some quick troubleshooting steps to ensure they can receive your submissions.

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