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Peer Coach Unavailable from Pick List for Assessment




This video will walk you through the correct way to add a Peer Coach so they are selectable from the Drop-down selection box when you are submitting to your Peer Coach.

If you have followed these steps and your Peer Coach is still unavailable or the ePortfolio system says they already exist, but it will not allow you to add them to your contacts, Please take the following steps.

Open a support ticket by sending an e-mail from your Candidate/Student account to Include in it your full contact information as well as the full contact information of your Peer Coach.

The next step is to ensure your Peer Coach only exists in the Master Guest Assessor List. If they are in your personal contacts, there will be conflicts with the e-mail address. This will require you to delete them from your ePortfolio Contact list.  To do this, go to the ePortfolio tab in Blackboard.  It should open by default to your Dashboard.

In the top right corner of the Dashboard tab window, you should see your name. To the right of your name look for an icon that looks like rolodex cards. Click on this icon to enter your ePortfolio Contacts.

Next, Click on the My Contact Lists text which should then expand down to reveal the All Contacts button.

Click on the All Contacts button.

Select your Peer Coach's name from the middle column and then select the Edit List button from the column header in the Middle Column.

NOTE: if your Peer Coach's name does not exist in this list, you may not have added them yet. Please send their first and last name along with their e-mail address a a brief description of the problem to and await further instructions. If it is in this list, please continue with these instructions.

This will open another three column window. Click on your Peer Coach's name in the right-most column and then select the Remove Selected button from the Column header.

Then Click SAVE
NOTE: many people forget to click the Save button here and their Peer Coach remains in their list. Please ensure you click save to make sure they are deleted completely from your Contact List.

If your Peer Coach is listed more than once, please ensure you delete all instances from your contacts.

If you have not done so already, please download the MEd Candidate Guide from the News Section of your ePortfolio Dashboard.  It is the most current set of instructions for using your ePortfolio and is more up to date than any Workshop instructions you may have received.  Your Workshop instructions will still be the go to place for assignment and assessment info, but for navigating the ePortfolio, please use the MEd Candidate Guide as the screen shots and instruction in the Workshop materials may be out of date.

Once the ePortfolio Admin team has received your Peer Coach's contact info via the support ticket you opened in the first step above, they will add your Peer Coach to the Master Guest Assessor List and you should then be able to select them from the Drop-Down list in the Peer Assessor assignment blank.


If you have not already viewed the M.Ed. Candidate ePortfolio Orientation video, please find it here:

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