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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

R25 Common Errors

The items below walk through how to resolve common problems that come up for those using R25.


OCX Error

This section details how to resolve most errors that arise in R25 invloving OCX files.


"Cannot Instantiate OCX control..."

This can happen for several different OCX controls but here is an example of the full error:

Cannot Instantiate OCX control "UAICtl.DatePicker"


To resolve this error follow these steps:

  1. Log into the computer under the user account that is experiencing the issue
  2. Navigate to the R25 installation directory (usually C:\r25)
  3. Open the System folder in this directory
  4. Locate the controls.exe file and double click on it (on windows 7 you will be prompted for admin credentials)
  5. Once this completes have the user test R25 again


 Duration Picker Displayed Wrong

This section details how to resolve errors where the SpeedBook does not allow you to view the full 00d00h00m view for scheduling.


When utilizing SpeedBook within R25 users may find that they can only see 00d00h in the drop down for the Setup/Takedown fields, when really they should be able to see 00d00h00m.


To resolve this issue follow these steps:

  1. Log into the computer under the user account that is experiecing the issue
  2. Copy the file linked here to the users computer
  3. Double click on the zip file, and then pull the file inside to the desktop
  4. Double click the file that was just copied to merge it into the registry
  5. Re-launch R25 and test, the user should now see the full  00d00h00m for scheduling.
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