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Explains how announcements function in the IWU Portal.

What are Announcements?

An announcement is a piece of content that can be created by Content Managers and targeted towards specific groups of Portal users known as audiences (for more information about the audiences available in the IWU Portal, see Audiences).

Announcements are intended to be used for temporarily displaying information that is only relevant to its intended audience for a limited period of time.  Ideally, announcements will replace mass email blasts as the primary means of communicating important information to members of the IWU community.

Policies for Posting Announcements & Events

This policy was created in order to ensure that communication is shared with the appropriate constituency and audience(s) with an effort to reduce irrelevant information.  Due to large constituencies that have several audiences defined within them sharing the same announcement space, it is imperative that all parties follow the policy as written when approving and posting to the portal. 

  • Any pictures, images and logos used must come from an existing IWU approved library, be approved by the content owner’s appropriate level of administration, or public domain.  A permission form (see Permission of Storage - Release Forms on the Pictures, Images and Logos section) must be on file for copyright laws that apply.  Pictures, images and logos must follow all appropriate guidelines (see Pictures, Images and Photos section).

  • If applicable, any physical space requirements (room reservations, tables, technology, etc) must be in place and confirmed prior to submitting the announcement for posting.

  • Links to other pages are strongly encouraged for additional detail and information.

  • Announcements/Events must include specific begin and end dates (Expiration Date).  The begin date is when the announcement becomes visible; the Expire date is when the announcement is no longer visible.  Announcements will begin and end at the beginning of each day.

    • An announcement has a lifespan of 30 days maximum on a constituency page.  Posting the same or like announcement right after the 30 rule has expired is probable cause to have content manager permissions revoked.   

  • If an announcement/event needs to be refreshed or edited, the original submission should be modified rather than submitting a new request in order to avoid duplicate content.

  • Title of the announcement must be specific to its content.  The Portal Governance Team reserves the right to alter any title as seen not following this rule.

  • The Portal Governance Team reserves the right to withdrawal or adjust any announcement posted within the portal.

    • First step, in the process to remove or alter a posted announcement.  The Constituency owner will attempt to contact the originator the announcement to have them make the appropriate adjustments.

    • Second step, if step one is unsuccessful, the Constituency owner has the right to alter or remove the announcement from the page.  

  • Individual content managers may establish their own deadlines for submission of announcement/event material.

  • Announcements/Events should not be used for non- IWU supported information/activities.

  • Announcements/Events should follow appropriate IWU formatting guidelines (including font type and size). Please refer to Style Guidelines section.

  • Announcements/Events should only be posted into the appropriate portal web-part.

  • Announcements/Events should be targeted to the smallest possible audience.

  • Misuse of any of the above policies could result in loss of permission to submit/post announcements and/or event information.  

Where do Announcements Appear?

Announcements can appear on constituency pages, info sites, and sub-sites under info sites.  Info sites and sub-sites each have a singe webpart for displaying announcements.  Constituency pages can potentially have two webparts for announcements—one for displaying directly-added announcements, and one for displaying roll-up announcements (see Announcement Setup by Constituency for more information, including which constituencies have which webparts).

Where a particular announcement will appear depends on where that announcement was added and what options were chosen by the Content Manager who added it:

  • If an announcement is added directly to a constituency page, it will appear...
    • On that constituency page only in the "Announcements" section
  • If an announcement is added directly to an info site, it will appear...
    • On that info site
    • On any constituency pages chosen by the Content Manager when adding the announcement,
      • This causes the announcement to appear in the "Announcements Across Campus" webpart on the constituency pages
  • If an announcement is added directly to a sub-site of an info site, it will appear...
    • On that sub-site
    • On the info site under which the sub-site resides
    • On any constituency pages chosen by the Content Manager when adding the announcement
      • This causes the announcement to appear in the "Announcements Across Campus" webpart on the constituency pages

This image illustrates the examples described above; "Webpart 1" refers to the roll-up announcement webpart on a constituency site, and "Webpart 2" refers to the direct announcement webpart on a constituency site.


"Announcements" vs. "Announcements Across Campus"

The first of two announcement webparts on constituency pages. Announcements here are posted directly on the Constituency page by a constituency owner. These announcements are expanded and show the body of the announcement.
Announcements Across Campus
The second of the two announcement webparts on constituency pages. These are announcements that a site owner has chosen to "roll up" to the constituency page from their site (see info graphic above). These announcements only show the title and when clicked take you to the full body of the announcement.

When do Announcements Appear?

Announcements will be displayed on the info site on the date selected in the [First Appears] field. Announcements that are promoted to constituency pages will be displayed on those pages on the date selected in the [First Appears Roll-Up] field.

Alert Notifications on Announcements

If a user has set an Alert on an Announcement list, that alert will be initiated based on the date the announcement was created and NOT based on the [First Appears] date.

Example: Assume a user has an alert set to notify him immediately of any new announcements on your info site.  If you create an announcement on 1/1/2014 that is set to first appear on 1/15/2014, the alert to that user would be generated and sent on 1/1/2014, NOT on 1/15/2014.

See Creating Alerts for more information.

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