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Adding Announcements - Info Sites


This article explains how to add an announcement to your Info Site, and how to "roll up" that announcement to the various constituency pages if you would like.


Getting Started

To add your announcement you'll need to get to the new announcement screen. This is different depending on if your Info Site has subsites beneath it, or if your info site stands alone. Follow the appropriate section below for your info site.

Info Sites without Subsites

If your info site doesn't have subsites you'll see an "Add announcement to this site only" link in the lower right portion of your "Announcements" web part on your info site:


Just click on this link as shown in the red box in the image above. Then Proceed to the "Adding an Announcement" section below.

Info Sites with Subsites

  1. For Info Sites with Subsites you'll need to first navigate to your Info Site. From here click on "Site Actions" in the upper left:

Then click on "View All Site Content":

Now locate the "Info Site Announcements" List in the "List" section of the page:


Now click "Add new announcement":


Adding an Announcement

On the new announcement screen you'll see  several fields. Each is described below. 

Only the first three fields must be completed if you would like the announcement to only appear on your Info Site.


A short description of your announcement. This is what will appear in the "Announcements" section of your site. This is also what will appear in the "Announcements Across Campus" area on the front pages of the portal if you "promote" your post.

This is where the bulk of your announcement will go. This area can contain links, pictures and more. 
This field dictates when an announcement should "Drop off"  in the locations that it appears. 
Expiration is inclusive of the date chosen. So if you choose 8/8/2014 your announcement would still be visible through out the entire day of 8/8/2014.
First Appears
This sets when the announcement should appear on the site you're adding it to. By default it is set to "Immediately". You can however schedule the announcement to appear at a future date and time. 
First Appears Roll-Up 
This sets the date when an announcement should appear on the constituency pages it has been promoted to (See below sections for more information). This field is required, but defaults to Today's date.
Target Audiences
This allows you to pick an audience of people who should see this announcement. For example, everyone may be able to access your site, but you may only want Residential Faculty to see your announcement. You can control that here. Just click the "Search" icon in the box shown below and search for an audience you'd like to use. All audiences begin with "AUD", searching on this will return all available audiences.
Here you can check which constituency pages (home pages) you'd like your announcement to appear on. These are the pages that different folks land on when they first sign into the portal. Announcements that are promoted will appear in the "Announcements Across Campus" area of these front pages. 
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