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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Adding Web Parts to my Site


Explains how to add web parts to your site or page. All of the text, pictures, hyperlinks, etc. on your site have to be displayed inside web parts.

Adding a Web Part

  • Navigate to your site and then click on [Site Actions] in the upper left corner.
  • Select [Edit Page].
  • The layout of the page will change to allow for editing.  Each column on the page will show empty boxes at the top with the words "Add a Web Part", similar to the image shown below.



  • To add a new web part, click on any box with the words "Add a Web Part".  If you want content to be displayed in the middle of the page, then you would want to click on an "Add a Web Part" box in the Center Column.  To add content to the left side of the page, select "Add a Web Part" in the Left Column.
  • A new ribbon will appear at the top of the page as shown below.


  • Select the Category and Web Part desired.  Commonly used web parts include:
    • Content Editor (found in the Media and Content category)
      • You can put any variation of text, pictures and links into a Content Editor web part.  It is used for displaying titles, contact info, general info, logos or pictures, etc.
    • Summary Links (found in the Content Rollup category)
      • Used to create of menu of links that will open up new pages, sites, documents, or external content
    • Datatel Tabbed Container (found in the Datatel category)
      • Used to combine multiple web parts into tabs that users can select from, with a different web part on each tab.
    • FAQ (found in the Lists and Libraries category)
      • Used to store Frequently Asked Questions

Note: When you create a new list or library on the site, you can display it on the page by selecting “Add a Web Part” and then selecting that new item from  the “Lists and Libraries” category.

  • After you have selected a web part, click the [Add] button.
  • For a Content Editor web part, you can just click inside the web part and begin adding content. To modify other types of web parts, select the arrow in the right corner of the web part and select [Edit Web Part].