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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Controlling Membership


Explains how to add/remove members in your Campus Organization Team Site.

Colleague Screens

Granting access to organization is accomplished using Colleague screens.  The screen in use are:

  • CORM – Campus Org Membership
  • COAA – Campus Org Advisor Assignment
  • COMD – Campus org Membership Detail


To create faculty and student access to a site:

  • Log into Colleague and navigate to the CORM screen.
  • Enter the name of the Organization site in the “Campus Org Lookup” prompt.


***Enter students in the "Members" area​ and enter faculty in the "Advisor" area.***

Entering Students as Members

  • When a Member (student) is added, the detail screen COMD opens so additional information may be added.


  • Enter the start date in the “Membership Periods” field as shown above.
  • In the “Role” field, enter “MEM” and a start date.  If an end date is known, enter that as well.
  • Save and update the record.


  • Enter the next member until all members are entered. Then save and exit the form.

Entering Faculty as Advisors

  • When an Advisor (faculty) is entered, the detail screen COAA opens so additional information may be added.


  • Enter the start date and role.  The role is “ADV”.  If you know the end date enter it as well but this field is optional.


  • Save out of the screen.
  • Enter the next advisor or save and exit the form.
  • Repeats these steps whenever new members or new advisors should be added to your Organization Site.
  • The member list and advisor list on your portal Organization Site will be updated approximately 15-30 minutes after you make the updates in Colleague.
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