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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Populating Documents in a Document Library


Explains how to upload documents into a document library.

Uploading a Document

  1. Access the Shared Documents library from [Site Actions] and then [View All Site Content]
  2. From within your document library, click [Documents] on the action bar and then [Upload Document] in the ribbon


  1. In the Upload Documents window, click [Browse] and browse to a file you want to upload


  1. Select the file and click [Upload]
  2. {Optional} In the Upload Documents section, uncheck the [Add as a new version to existing files] if you already have this same named document in your library and you do not want to make this a new version of that same document
  3. {Option} In the Version Comments section, enter some version comments


You have successfully populated your document library!

Uploading Multiple Documents


***To upload multiple documents at once, you must be using Internet Explorer.***

  • Open your portal site in Internet Explorer.
  • Go to [Site Actions] and then [View All Site Content].
  • From within your document library, click [Documents] on the action bar and then click the bottom half of the [Upload Document] button in the ribbon to see a dropdown of choices.
  • Select [Upload Multiple Documents].  NOTE: This button may be grayed out, in which case you will receive this message “This control is currently disabled” as shown below.

Sharepoint 2010 multiple=

This is a feature which is a client integration component, which is available on machines with an installed Office 2010 client. So if you have a Windows 7 PC and Office 2010 installed you get the following:

  1. The first time you navigate on the Document Library you get asked about a ActiveX Control Object
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  2. You can accept that
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  3. Maybe you get asked again
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  4. Now you can use the Upload Multiple Documents ButtonSharepoint 2010 Document Library
  5. And choose the Office Files
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library