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Creating Custom Lists


Explains how to create a list that you can customize to fit the content you are storing. For example, you can create a column that could store a single line of text, multiplle lines of text, a date and time, currency, or even a dropdown list of items from which users could make a selection.


  1. From anywhere within your existing site, click [Site Actions] and then [View all site content]
  2. On the resulting context menu, click [Create] CreateButton.png
  3. In the Filter By section, click [List] and in the Type section click [Custom List]


  1. In the Custom List  section(far right), enter a [Name] for your custom list


  1. Select More Options to:
    • {Optional} you can enter a description for your custom list
    • {Optional} In the Navigation section, you can choose [Yes or No] to display your custom list in the site’s Quick Launch
  2. Click [Create]


  1. From within your custom list, locate [Create Column]in the ribbon


  1. Create a handful of columns to build your custom list

        columnTypeOptions.png         columnChoiceOptions.png


  1. Navigate to your custom list and click [New]


  1. Enter data in your custom fields and click [OK]


You have successfully created a custom list!

What's Next

For more information about the types of columns available, see Adding a Column to a Library or List.