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Creating Views


Explains how to create a new view for a library or list.


  1. From within your document library, Choose Library from the library tools action bar and then [Create View] from the ribbon.


  1. In the Choose a View Format section, click [Standard View]
    • Note:  There are other view choices you can choose



  • Note:  You can speed up the creation time of your new view by choosing to create your view from an existing view, which will pre-populate your view properties with the view you chose


  1. In the Name section, enter a [View Name]


  1. {Optional} In the Name section, you can choose to make this the default view
  2. {Optional} In the Audience section, you can choose to make this view a private view, only viewable to yourself, by clicking [Create a Personal View]


  1. {Optional} In the Columns section, you can use the checkboxes to show or hide columns, and use the number drop downs to change the order of your columns
    • Note:  Changing the order of your columns does not change the order that the fields are displayed on the properties screen
    • Note:  Some columns are repeated with different actions available, denoted in parenthesis



  1. {Optional} In the Sort section, you can choose a column to sort on, ascending or descending (for this exercise, please sort on modified)
    • Note:  You can set up to 2 sort layers


  1. {Optional} In the Filter section, click [Show items with the following is true]



  1. Choose your [custom column] [is equal to] one of your [custom column values] (for this exercise, please filter on your custom column)
  • Note:  You can have up to 10 filters on a view using the “and/or” logical operators
    • Another reason to not use folders!!!
  1. {Optional} You can set values for any of the other sections (Group By, Totals, Style, Folders, Item Limit, Mobile)
  2. Click [OK]


You have successfully created a custom view!

What's Next...

  • If you are displaying this library or list or your site's home page, navigate back to that page.
  • Notice that the view you created has not been applied to the web part that is displaying that library or list.  To apply the new view you created, see Modifying the View of your Web Part.