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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Team Site Policy


Team sites are areas of the portal whose sole purpose is to provide collaborative tools to members of a team.  Membership of team sites can be comprised of the following four group types consisting of department, class, campus organization, or other.  The other classification will be referred to generically as “Group sites” and will be created for special projects / committees.  Team sites are used for communications and information sharing between team members.

Overview of Team Sites

Team sites governance will be addressed by two different policies based upon how sites are created and managed. 

Colleague-created sites are:

  • Department site - created from HR and Academic department in Colleague
  • Campus organizations – created from Campus Orgs in Colleague
  • Classes sites – created from course section records in Colleague


SharePoint-created sites are:

  • Group sites – created manually from iSupport ticket for which a Colleague created site is not possible.


Team sites use up portal resources.  They also require on-going technical maintenance.  In order to maximize the usefulness of a team site and minimize the amount of human and technical resources required, minimum size and time requirements are necessary.

Department, campus organization, and class, which are created and managed in Colleague will follow governance practices of the Institutional Data Steering Committee (IDSC).  This committee has the responsibility to regulate the source information in the department, campus organization, and course section tables in Colleague.  If a group already exist in Colleague, then a portal site will be created upon request.  If the group does not exist in Colleague, the rules of the IDSC will be followed to create a site or the site will fall under “Group sites” documented below.

The rest of this document will address governance related to the fourth team site referred to as a “Group” site and will be listed under the other category in the MyIWU portal.  The “Group” sites will be managed within the MyIWU portal and will require UIT support for the initial setup and removal.  During the life of the group site, the owner(s) will manage the site.

Qualification for a Group Team Site

A “Group” team site must meet a minimum size and time duration requirements to qualify for a team site in the portal.​

  1. A group who would like a team site in the portal must have a minimum of five team members who will actively use the site.  This number may change in the future if human or technical resources change.
  2. The duration of the team must be a minimum of two months

Default Permissions

When a group team site is created, two security groups are created.  The primary group contains every team member and has "contribute” authority (authority to add/edit/remove content).  The second group is comprised of owners with full rights (see Delegation of Group Management).

When a team site is requested, a list of all the team members including at least one owner needs to be submitted with the request. That request should be sent to iSupport.

Delegation of Group Management

The leader of the team will be made “owner” of the groups associated with the team site in the portal.  The owner(s) of a team site has the authority to add and/or remove members from the group at the owner’s discretion as well as maintaining security roles.  Not only does this keep team leaders from having to wait for the SharePoint administrator to update the group, but it also allows work on other important tasks.

Information Security & Privacy

By default team sites are only viewable by the team members and portal administrators.  Team leaders, who are the “owners” of the team groups, have the authority to add/remove any user in the system they wish, including people who may not be on their team.  This means that information security is in the hands of the team leader in as far as whom they allow into their team/group.

The servers the portal is running on are connected directly to the Internet.  That being the case, the portal can never be considered 100% secure.  Although the information on a team site can only be seen by the members of that team, you should NEVER provide any confidential information about any other users, including students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Standard Team Site Features

The following are the standard features that will be available with a new team site:

  1. Document Library (including approval and automatic version tracking of documents)
  2. Wiki Pages
  3. Team Blog
  4. Announcements
  5. Team Contact List
  6. Discussion Board
  7. Calendar
  8. List of Links
  9. Project Tracking
  10. Issue Tracking

Surveys are also available, but they require additional setup with the SharePoint Administrator.

Removal of a Team Site

The request for removal of a team site should come from the leader of the team requested through an iSupport ticket.  Do not make the request until you are sure you are ready for the team site to be removed!  Once the team site is removed, all content, documents, and images on the site are destroyed with no possibility of recovery.

For site removal where some information needs to be archived, please contact IT through an iSupport ticket to discuss your needs before requesting removal.  Currently archival is not supported and will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  

Renewal of a Team Site

In an attempt to use university resources wisely, team sites will need to be renewed yearly.  This can be accomplished through submitting an iSupport ticket.  If a renewal request is not received, a site may be suspended in preparation for removal. 

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