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Text Edit Issues in the ePortfolio Content Box

If you have not already viewed the M.Ed. Candidate ePortfolio Orientation video, please find it here:
The following instructions are covered in the video at timestamp beginning at {4:15}
If you have used cut and paste from MS Word or another formatted text editor, you may have accidentally translated some unseen HTML code with your cut and paste that is stopping you from applying your changes (There is a HTML tab at the bottom left of the Content section that will allow you to see the HTML code if there is any. Click on Normal to get back to the regular Text editor functions). 
If this is the case, copy and paste your text first to a plain text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (MAC). Each OS comes with a plain text editor as a part of their normal installation. 
NOTE: Make sure you completely delete everything from the ePortfolio content block before you take the next step to ensure you have deleted any hidden HTML code.
Once you have your text copied into the Plain Text Editor, copy it again from the plain text editor window and then paste it into the Content section of your ePortfolio. 
NOTE: You will have to format the text using the Content section’s formatting tools.
If this is not the case and you have just started typing directly into the Content section with no cut and paste from another text editor, then I will need a little more information from you to troubleshoot this one.

NOTE: If the problem is a missing font type from the drop down list, it may be that you are looking for a custom font which is not available in the ePortfolio. Please select another font from the list.

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