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Installing Additional Applications


While using windows 7 you may find that you need to install applications that are either freely available or commonly used at the University. These programs are now even easier to download and install with Windows 7. Below you'll find the steps for finding what applications are available, and how to download, and then install them.

Finding Available Programs

In order to see what programs are available, follow the outlined directions below.

  1. Click on the Start button in the lower left corner - <Start Button>
  2. Type "Run Advertised" (without quotes) in the search box 
  3. Select the top result just below the "Control Panel" category Run Advertised Programs.png
  4. The Available applications will be listed on the screen below, where you can select the program you wish to install and click "Run" in the lower right corner
     Applications and Software.JPG
  5. After selecting a Program and clicking Run, you'll be prompted with the following screen Program Download Required.JPG
  6. If you select the "Run program automatically when download completes" Option the program will automatically begin installing as soon as the download completes. This is useful in situations where you plan on being away from your computer while the download is running.

Installing Selected Programs

If you do not select the "Run program automatically when download completes" option in Step 6 above, you can launch the installer at any time once the download completes. This is useful in situations where you need to keep working while the program is downloaded and do not want to be interrupted by the installation once the download completes. 

While the files for your selected program are being downloaded you'll be able to view the progress at any time on the screen below, which appears after clicking the "Download" button in step 5 in the section above.

Download Status.JPG

While the program is downloading you can choose to again have it install automatically after the download completes by Selecting the "Run program automatically when download completes" option on the screen above. You may also even turn the computer off, or take the computer home the download will automatically resume once the computer is turned back on and on campus and connected to the network. 

When the download completes the following screen should appear

Program Ready.JPG

You can click "Run" to begin the installation, or if you wish to begin the installation at a later time you can close the window and come back to it using the instructions in the section below. If you select Run, the program will begin its installation, the screens that follow will depend on the application you're installing. Turning off the computer at this point may prevent the application from installing correctly.

Once the installation completes its a good idea to try launching the installed program, either by clicking on any shortcuts that were created on your desktop, or by going through the Start menu and going through the All Programs list.

Continuing Installations

If when you received the "Program Ready to Run" screen you did not click on Run and closed the window, you can begin the installation at any time by following the same steps as in the "Finding Available Programs" section above. 

Once you select the program you want to continue installing, and Click Run, the installation will begin. You'll receive one or more screens indicating the progress of the installation which all depend on the program you've selected. 

Once the installation completes its a good idea to test the program you've installed. 

If at any point in the article above you have any questions or if your question is not answered by this article you may contact the Call Center, you can find the contact information here:

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