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Local.access Account Setup, Guidelines, and Use


In the article below we will outline the use of the local.access account which can be used to administer changes to your IWU laptop, as well has how to get a local.access account setup on your IWU laptop.


There are a few things to consider when using the local.access account to install hardware or software. 

  1. Always check that this is software or hardware that you have chosen to install. If the User Access Control (UAC) window is unsolicited, please contact the Call Center at x.2209 to verify this is not a malicious program trying to make changes to the computer.
  2. Make certain the software you're installing is legal for you to install and/or does not violate any university policies. This would include ensuring that the software is either freely available, or that you have purchased a required license. If you're uncertain contact the Call Center at x.2209 to check on the licensing of the software.
  3. Make sure the software or hardware is compatible with your computer and Windows 7 before trying to install anything. Information for this is usually located on the software/hardware packaging or the manufacturer's website. If you aren't sure if the hardware or software you're installing is compatible please contact the Call Center at x.2209.


Failure to follow the guidelines above will result in the loss of the local.access account

Get the Account Setup

In order to have the local.access account setup you will need to:

  1. Be a fulltime IWU Employee
  2. Use a Laptop
  3. Use Windows 7 or 10
  4. Contact the Support Center at x.2209 or 1-800-621-8667 x.2209

When you call the Support Center a technician will need to remotely connect to your computer to setup the account. Once the technician is connected to your computer they will setup an account on your computer named local.access and assign it a password that will be provided to you at that time. 

Please allow 15-20 minutes for the account creation process. The process may not last this long, but we ask that you allow this much time so that we can adequately answer any questions you may have.


If you receive a new computer, or if your computer must be worked on you may need to request to have this account set back up.

Using the Account

Whenever you need to install a new piece of software(ex. classroom software, software updates) or hardware (ex. a home printer, wireless mouse) you will be prompted with the "User Account Control" window. 

Here you can choose to proceed with the install (Yes), or choose to continue without installing(No). Before you choose to proceed you will want to verify that this is an install that you've initiated, often by running an application or plugging in a new piece of hardware. If you're unsure if you've initiated the prompt please contact the Support Center at x.2209 to verify that the software or device prompting to install is a legitimate piece of software and not a malicious program.

If you proceed with the prompt by selecting "Yes", the screen below will come up:

UAC popup.jpg

Here you will want to enter the local.access account information as shown below:

Username: .\local.access (please note the .\ preceding the username)
Password: ********** (This will be determined when the account is created on your computer and is unique to each computer)

Then click "Yes" to proceed with your software or hardware install.


Need Help?
If at any point in the article above you have any questions or if your question is not answered by this article you may contact the Support Center.
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