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What you need to know about Windows 7


This article will cover the things you need to know if you're using a Windows 7 computer, or if you're about to move to a Windows 7 computer.

Using Windows 7

Installing Software

When moving to Windows 7  you may run into times where you need new software installed on your computer. Most commonly used programs can be found in "Run Advertised Programs" on your computer, which you can learn about here.

If the software you need to install is not found in "Run Advertised Programs" you may contact the Support Center for assistance installing the software because User accounts are not given explicit Administrative Rights to each computer. However, if you're interested in another alternative that would allow you to administer changes to your computer please check out this article on how to get this setup and to see if you meet the requirements.

New Features

Windows 7 is very different from Windows XP, though it still has a familiar feel to it. Check out this Intro to Windows 7 article for more information.

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