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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Windows 7 Training FAQ

Q. I am new to windows 7, or considering the windows 7 upgrade, where do I go to get acquainted with the new system?
A. Please visit the Intro to Windows 7 page to get familiarized with the layout and use of windows 7

Q. How do I connect to a wireless network?
A. For instructions on connecting to a wireless network please visit the Wireless Networking page.

Q. Why does my computer screen keep shutting off if I don't move my mouse for 5 minutes?
A. By default all of our computers come configured with a power management profile that shuts the display off after 5 minutes of inactivity. This is done to both conserve power on laptops and desktops, and prolong battery life on laptops. 

Q. How do I change my Power Management Settings?
A. To learn how to adjust your power management settings please visit the Power Management Settings page.

Q. How can I prevent my screen from shutting off during a presentation?
A. Windows 7 has a "presenting mode" that automatically disables things such as screen savers, windows messenger, etc. all by pressing Windows key ( windows key.png) + X which brings up "Windows Mobility Center" where you can enable Presenting mode.

Q. I have a problem when I perform a certain task in windows 7, how can I get this information to the Call Center?
A. Windows 7 includes a utility called Problem Steps Recorder, or PSR for short. This utility allows you to record your actions that lead up to a certain problem, save the steps, and email them. To learn more visit the Problem Steps Recorder page.

Q. Are there any benefits to using the new "task bar" in windows 7?
A.  For more information on  benefits of and using the new task bar please visit the Intro to Windows 7 page

Q. I dont like the new "task bar" (the bar at the bottom of the screen) that only displays icons of open windows, how can i change this to look more like it used to?
A. You can change the default look of the task bar by right clicking an empty section and choosing properties. To change it to look more like windows xp change the "Taskbar buttons:" option to "combine when taskbar is full", or  "never combine".

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