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Problem Steps Recorder Utility

The page below gives a brief overview of what the problem steps recorder is used for and how to use it to submit an issue to the call center.

What is it?

Windows 7 introduces a new powerful utility called the Problem Steps recorder, or PSR for short. PSR allows a person to "record" the steps that lead up to a problem thats easily reproduced. Its not ideal for sporadic issues, but if a certain problem is repeatable its a great tool to use. The example problem below is a good demonstration of when to use PSR.

Example: Every time the "New E-mail" button is pressed in Outlook, Outlook Crashes and displays an error message.

Since this problem occurs every time the button is pressed we can "record" these actions with PSR and send them on for the call center to diagnose.

How do I use it?

The Problem Steps Recorder utility is very easy to use. To Launch the utility you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Start Button" - 
    Start Button.jpg
  2. Type PSR in the search box - 
    Start - Search Box.jpg
  3. The first result under "Programs" should be the correct tool as indicated in the picture below- 
    PSR - Search.jpg


Once the utility is launched you can follow these steps to use the utility:

  1. Once you're ready to begin recording the steps leading to the problem, click the Start Record button - PSR - Start Record.jpg
  2. Proceed to go through the steps that cause the problem you wish to record.
  3. Click on the "Stop Record" button - 
    PSR - Stop Record.jpg
  4. A Save dialogue box will popup allowing you to name the file and pick the location you choose to save the file - PSR - Saving.jpg


Once everything is saved, proceed to the next section below to learn what do do with the Zip file that was just created.

What do I do when I've saved the steps?

Once you've saved the output from the PSR utility, you can email the file to the Call Center by:

  1. Open a new Email message in Outlook
  2. Attach the file saved in the steps above (see the example file below) - 
    PSR - Saved File.jpg
  3. Create a short but descriptive subject
  4. Write a longer description of what the issue is that you've replicated using the PSR utility for the body of the email.
  5. Send the message to:
  6. Shortly after sending the message you can access your ticket to view the status of it via the End User Desktop at: 


Alternatively, you can also submit your ticket to the helpdesk through the End User Desktop instead of emailing through Outlook. The End User Desktop can be accessed here:

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