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Step 3: Setup Wizard

After starting the Windows 7 Upgrade (Step 2), you will be presented with a Setup Wizard which will help you through the upgrade. The Setup Wizard consists of 4 screens. At any time, you can click the blue Help button in the lower left-hand corner to view instructions for the current screen. You can also click the Cancel button to abort the upgrade without making any changes to your computer. 

Screen 1 - Welcome


This page does not require any user input. Please read the information on this page and address any questions to the IT Call Center. When you are ready to proceed, click the NEXT button.


Screen 2 - Check Requirements


This page checks your computer to make sure that it meets all of the requirements for upgrading to Windows 7. If your computer passes all of the tests, you can proceed with the upgrade by clicking the NEXT button. If you can't click on the NEXT button, it means that at least one of the requirements was not met. Click on the any of the items in the list that say ERROR or have a red icon,  to view information about the specific requirement that was not met. After following any instructions, you can click the "Rerun Tests" button to try again.

If there is an ERROR listed next to "Check Power Cable", click on it to learn that your laptop is running on battery power.  Plug in your power cord and click "Rerun Tests."

If there is an ERROR listed next to "Check Memory", click on it to learn that your computer has less than the minimum amount (1GB)  


Page 3 - Select Software


This page allows you to select additional programs to install during the Windows 7 Upgrade. 

This is an optional step, as all of the required programs have already been selected. Put a check in the box to the left of any program that you do want to install, and clear the checkbox next to any program that you do not want to install. If you are unsure which programs to choose, simply accept the default selection by clicking the NEXT button.

NOTE: You will be able to revisit this list at any time after the upgrade to install any programs that you don't select right now.



Page 4 - Confirm


This page does not require any user input. Just review the list of programs that were selected on the previous page to make sure that we've included everything you need. If you notice that something is missing, click the BACK button to return to the previous page and add it. Remember that you can always return to this list after the upgrade as well.

When you are ready to proceed, click the BEGIN UPGRADE button.



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