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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Windows 7 FAQ

Q. When will the Windows 7 Upgrade begin?
A. Windows 7 will be available to all IWU staff/faculty very soon. UIT is putting the finishing touches on the upgrade process and we expect it will be ready toward the end of August 2010. The upgrade will be optional, and you can choose for yourself the best time to begin. 

Q. Will everyone get Windows 7 at the same time?
A. The Windows 7 upgrade will be made available to everyone at the same time. However, you are NOT required to upgrade immediately. Choose a date and time that will be convenient for your schedule. When you are ready, you can start the upgrade on your own by following the instructions here.

Q. How can I tell if my computer will support Windows 7?
A. Windows 7 performs well even on older computers. All of the computers being used at IWU are capable of supporting Windows 7. 

Q. I am getting a new computer this year. Will it come with Windows 7?
A. Starting July 2010, all new computers will come with Windows 7 installed. 

Q. What is the difference between Windows 7 and Office 2007?
A. Office 2007 is the name for a group of productivity software programs including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and several others. Windows 7 is the operating system (OS) that runs your computer. It is important to note that even after upgrading to Windows 7, your office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) will remain the same.

Q. What about Office 2010? Will we be upgrading to it as well?
A. No schedule has been determined for the availability of Office 2010 at this time.  

Q. How long will the upgrade take?
A. On average the Windows 7 upgrade takes between 2-4 hours to complete. We recommend that you allow at least 4 hours for the upgrade and avoid scheduling any important meetings or presentations immediately after the upgrade so that you have time to get comfortable with the new interface. Starting the upgrade before you leave work in the evening is one way to make time for it without interrupting your day.

Q. Will training be available for learning how to use Windows 7?
A. Transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 7 is very easy. You will be able to perform most tasks exactly the same way you are doing them now. However, some things in Windows 7 will look a little bit different than you are used to, so we have provided training resources to help you quickly become familiar with the new look. In particular, check out the Intro to Windows 7 article and view some of the quick video tutorials. And remember, the IT Call Center is available to answer any questions that come up.


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