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Windows Update

Microsoft Update is a service provided by Microsoft that allows for them to provide updates to Windows Operating Systems and its components.

At the University, the automatic updating is set to 'off' by default, as the UIT department needs to review what updates are to be installed on the systems, such as to verify that they will be compatible with our systems. One can easily check whether or not they are upgraded with the latest University approved updates.

To do so, click on the start menu, and select the Control Panel.




Next, select "System and Security", followed by "Windows Update" on the next screen.







Make sure that under "You received updates:" field it says Managed by your system administrator, if not, your system may not be properly configured. Next, click on 'Check for Updates'.



This screen will come up next




If the check finds any updates, you can go ahead and install them. Once that is done, your computer will be upgraded to the latest University approved updates.


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