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Change the Registered Information in Windows Live

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IWU Adult and Graduate Students’ email accounts are hosted by Windows Live/Hotmail.  In some cases, the registered name for the account is incorrect whereas the student can log in with correct username and password. To change the registered Name for the account, please follow the instructions below.

·         Select Options | More Options... (or just Options if you use Windows Live Hotmail classic) from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.

File:User:tony.schurger/Registered_Information/image001.jpg File:User:tony.schurger/Registered_Information/image002.jpg

·         Follow the Account details (password, aliases, time zone) link under Manager your account.


·         Click Edit your registered information under Common tasks.




·         Type the desired name under First name: and Last name:.

·         You can include a nickname in the First name: field by using single quotation marks like in "Johnathan 'John' Doe".

·         Click Save.


·         Follow the Sign out link in the top right corner.

·         Log back into Windows Live Hotmail.



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