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Wireless Document Cameras indicates "No Signal"

This document is relevant to the Seminary as well as Burns and Ott Halls of Science & Nursing.


Sometimes, the wireless document camera will drop it's connection, not connect at all when started up, or become pixilated and distorted. When this happens, the common results are a frozen (unmoving image), or a black screen, with a grey square in the middle, with the words No Signal.


The AVerVision W30 Document Camera, a wireless camera and transmitter, is not sending signal to its base station (receiver), which is located in the teaching station. Users are then unable to use the document camera to view close-ups of documents or 3D objects on the screen, flat panel TV, or whiteboard. While the transmission of video signal occurs within the same radio frequency range as the Wireless network (WiFi), there is not a confirmed conflict between these devices and network systems.

Possible Solutions:

The message on the screen may prompt the user to press the "Reconnect" button (located on the base station, in the teaching station). Do this first, before any further troubleshooting. It may take up to a minute to complete this reconnection.

In the case that the reconnect button doesn't solve the problem, turn off both parts of the document camera--the portable camera piece that is kept on top of the teaching station, and the rack-mounted base station, located under the computer in the classroom teaching station.

After 10 seconds, first, power on the portable camera piece by holding down the red power button. Then, turn on the rack-mounted base station by holding down the white power button. Within two minutes, the two devices should be paired, and sending a video signal.

If you see a white image on the projection screen, including the AVer logo in the center, this is the boot-up screen for the base station. Wait until the unit has completely booted up, which will be evidenced by the presence of a video signal from the camera, or a 'No Signal' message displayed on the screen.

If no AVer logo is displayed on the projection screen, even though the base station has been turned on (signified by the blue LED indicators), it is possible that the base station's video output cable has become unplugged (either VGA or DVI). Contact the IMT for support. 

Related Solutions:

Make sure that the Projection system has been turned on. The image will not appear on the teaching station computer monitor, but only on the projection screen or whiteboard.

Make sure that Doc Cam has been selected on the touch panel (control panel on top of the teaching station).

Make sure that the battery is charged up, or that the appropriate power cable is connected to the camera (transmitter).

We are working on further improvements which may alleviate the frequency of this problem.

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