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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Performance and Event Technology Services

This guide provides an overview of performance and event technology services offered by IMT

Pre-event Check-in

The Institutional Media Technologies staff or student technician verifies equipment configuration is working properly, possibly starts a recording, and then is available by phone for follow up support.The event staff may be responsible for returning the equipment to Conference Services, or to the Jackson Library Media Services desk.

Train a volunteer technician.

The event team provides a technician, who is trained by the IMT staff concerning the particular equipment configuration.

Technician onsite throughout event.

The event team transfers all responsibility of technology to the IMT staff. Hourly fees apply.

Often bundled with Media Production Service, as a post-event deliverable.

Hourly fees apply.


Other sub-services available:

Recording (audio and/or video),




360 degree video

Sound Reinforcement (for groups larger than 25 people)

Sound reinforcement on the Marion campus is typically provided by the Sound Light & Media group, and scheduled by Conference Services

Sound reinforcement at National & Global education centers is contracted to local or regional event production companies. References available upon request.