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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Television and Spectrum Cable Support

This guide provides an overview of IMT services related to Televisions and cable TV provided by Spectrum (formerly BrightHouse).

Television Repair or Replacement

IMT keeps an inventory of all IWU-owned Audio and Video equipment including televisions and their connected devices, for the purpose of customer support, warranty tracking, and the projecting life-cycle replacements for budget purposes.

Upon receipt of a support ticket, IMT technicians will assist an AV equipment requestor with:

  1. Verifying warranty status of a device or system
  2. Procurement of an end-of-life device or system
  3. Recommendations on whether to Repair or Replace a device
  4. Contacting a vendor or manufacturer, to receive in-warranty repair or replacement equipment
  5. Training and/or printed documentation, if the device or system's settings have been incorrectly adjusted, or difficult for end users to understand.
  6. Occasionally, IMT may have spare devices available for a temporary replacement if a device or system breaks and funding is not available for a technology refresh. Likewise, IMT may be willing to store certain spare devices (typically TVs, projectors, and sound systems), for such a temporary replacement.

Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum Cable TV Service, as provided in the President's House and Guest House is supported by IMT in the following ways:


From IMT's experience with Spectrum cable TV installers and accounts, we are willing to assist with the creation of a new Business account, by:

  1. Gathering cost estimates of initial installation
  2. Gathering cost estimates for monthly programming service,
  3. Streamlining the communication process with all necessary parties. These could include:
  • Electricians
  • General maintenance and painters
  • Network technicians
  • Accounts Payable
  • Spectrum account representative
  • Spectrum site evaluating technicians

Tier One Troubleshooting

Upon receipt of a support ticket, IMT technicians will evaluate the TV and cable box, verifying existence of power, and proper connectivity of cables(2d on the cable box means that it is on the wrong TV input). If a power cable or signal cable is unplugged or broken, this can often be corrected by the IMT office without requiring a service call to Spectrum. IMT will confirm whether or not the issue requires a service call, and will provide the responsible customer (one who can schedule the Spectrum technician to arrive, provide access to the building and room, and describe the problem) with the following information:

  1. Account Number
  2. Physical Address of the connected device (cable converter box)
  3. Phone Number on account, if known.
  4. Service Branch--either Business or Residential. This is critical, to prevent the call from being forwarded to the wrong branch of Spectrum's support.
Spectrum Customer Care Number: 1-855-222-0102
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