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Elder Teaching Station Control (old version)

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Display ON- This button will turn on the projector and begin to display your video.

Display OFF- This button will shut off the projector for when you are finished. Please always shut down the projector after use.

Display MUTE- This button will temporarily black out the display from the projector without shutting it off. Please note that this does not turn off the projector, nor conserve energy. Remember to turn off the projector when you are finished, by pressing the Display Off button.

Blank buttons currently have no function. (These buttons may be used in rooms with special circumstances, but will be labeled appropriately).

DVD, or BLU-RAY- If this teaching station has a DVD player, pressing this button will display the DVD media onto both the monitor and the projector. However, if the button is labeled BLU-RAY, then the installed player can play Blu-Ray discs, DVD discs, and other optical media, as well as some media from a flash memory stick if you insert it into the front panel of the Blu-Ray player. Please use the provided remote control to choose disc or flash memory source, browse the disc menu, select scenes, and start and stop the playback of the media.

PC- This button will display the teaching station's PC onto both the monitor and the projector.

Laptop- This button will display any source that is plugged into the VGA cable, labeled Laptop. download.jpeg

Laptop 2- This button will display any source that is plugged into the HDMI cable, labeled Laptop 2. HDMI connection .png

Document Camera- This button will display anything being shown by the document camera that is on the cart, however the document camera must be powered on separately in order to display properly.


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1. Press the "Display On" button and wait for the projector to display the source that is chosen (usually PC at first). Make sure that the source and the monitor built into the cart are both powered on as well.

2. Once the monitor and projector are correctly displaying, choose the source that you would like to display from. Make sure that all cables are connected correctly and that the chosen source is powered on.

3. To adjust the volume of your source, turn the volume knob on the controller clockwise until the audio is the correct volume. Make sure the audio is turned up on your source (i.e., computer).

4. After you are finished using the teaching station, press the Display Off button to turn off the projector. Please leave other devices powered on.

If you need further assistance with use of the teaching stations in Elder Hall, please call x2209

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