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Ott Hall Classrooms - A10

OHSN Classroom 251


These classrooms have a fully equipped teaching station, sound system, and two displays. Projectors can display the same image or independent images from the main system.

Both projectors will display the same image from the main system

Projector A can display an independent image using the main system

Projector B can display an independent image using the local connection below the display.  This local connection will not show on both projectors.


The teaching station will provide multiple sources which can be shown on one or more of the displays:



  • Connection for Adobe Connect Portable Cart System located in the rear of the room
  • lnterfaced through a double-gang wall plate on the opposite side of the room from the instructor.




  • Spectrum Cart


  • For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1280x800​​​​​​​. Aspect Ratio 16:10

Classroom 251 View


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