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Grad Counseling relocation


Remove and relocate Grad Counseling clinic from West education center to North education center, during summer 2021.

at IECW (West)

equipment rack at Indy West data closetEquipment Rack in data closet.

Height: 28”
Width: 24”
Depth: 33.5”

iwu_iecw - 2.jpeg Ceiling camera, to be relocated and installed.

iwu_iecw - 3.jpeg Ceiling boundary microphone


iwu_iecw - 8.jpeg Ceiling cameras will be relocated and installed. Wall-mounted cameras are not included in the move. They will be recycled.

iwu_iecw - 9.jpeg Push-button for start/stop recording, to be relocated and installed.


iwu_iecw - data closet Short equipment rack in data closet.

iwu_iecw - server rack frontview from the front of the equipment rack, with door open.

iwu_iecw - server rack backView from the back of the equipment rack

iwu_iecw - cable bundle All of the AV cables exit the bottom of the equipment rack and enter the ceiling space, within this black umbilical cord sheath.

iwu_iecw - 39.jpeg Data closet patch panel

iwu_iecw - 47.jpegThere are eight clinic rooms which need to be moved. Two additional rooms, for a total of 10, will be installed at North center.

IW_E203.jpg Indianapolis West Grad Counseling Floor plan

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