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Star 108 Collaboration Suite

This guide provides an overview of the proposed meeting spaces available in the Star Building, suite 108.


Star A124.jpeg

65" Display (mount, wireless control)

wedge shape table



share with Open A132 - Mobile IFP 70"-75" w/camera built-in or add on, or both.



55" Display (mount, wireless control)

Panacast or Owl


Mobile IFP that could be taken to adjacent room or open space


TV on mobile cart with Owl and laptop shelf

(this room function may not stay in this location long; it is a poor space for conferencing, with two windows)

A134 enclave A and B

IMG_7162.jpg IMG_7163.jpg50"-55" Display (mount, wireless control) nothing in south; 4-person meet-up space in north


Open Area A132

IMG_7168.jpg IMG_7169.jpg

Mobile IFP 70"-75" w/camera built-in or add on, or both.

Conference A122

122_conf_floorplan.jpeg IMG_7169.jpg

tiered seating, glass wall/door on west.

large Display (TV or projector)

Mirroring/casting or ZoomRoom

Meeting Owl or

...consider outsourcing design and installation and support of this conference room.

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