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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Student Center Teaching Stations

Globe Theater

Projector (16:9 aspect ratio)

Installed 7.1 surround sound system

Podium microphone

Desktop PC with touch screen monitor for white-boarding and annotating

Laptop PC connection (When a laptop is connected to the HDMI cable, it will appear on the screen. If you need to then display the desktop computer, unplug the laptop from the HDMI cable)

USB Webcam on a mic stand (can be aimed at students or at instructor)

Banquet Halls

Larger classes are currently being held in the banquet halls of Jones, Leedy/Bedford, and Henry West. The high ceilings flexible seating arrangements, and large projection screens can easily accommodate larger class sizes and social distancing. The provided technology for these three rooms is a Newline Interactive Flat Panel (IFP).

  • 65" LED display on a mobile cart.
  • built in web cam
  • built in microphone array
  • built in whiteboard feature (annotate by finger or stylus)
  • built in computer, for Zoom, Power Point, etc.
  • built-in Bluetooth, for pairing with Aftershokz headset
  • HDMI and USB connecting cables, for use with instructor's laptop (USB required only for surface touch control)
  • video output to ceiling projector (or to another flat panel TV)
  • audio output to ceiling speakers

In addition, other peripherals may include:

  • USB Webcam on a camera tripod, for an alternative perspective of the class or instructor
  • Portable sound system for sound reinforcement, when additional microphones are required.
  • Wireless microphones for sound reinforcement within the room (does not benefit Zoom meeting audio)
  • Jones Banquet Hall lacks a ceiling projector, so it has a mobile TV cart instead. This provides a closer and unobstructed view for people on the east side of the classroom.

Newline IFP  webcam on a tripod  Henry West as classroom  Jones as classroom  Leedy-Bedford as classroom

Century Dining Room

Century Dining

This Dining Room provides an intimate setting, conducive for dinner meetings, working lunches, classrooms or collaboration.

A tripod-mounted webcam is included to make the presentation system Zoom-ready, when paired with a Bluetooth microphone, such as the Aftershokz headset.

Center for Life Calling - 290

The Center for Life Calling and Integrated Learning has a workspace that is equipped for classroom instruction.

A standard classroom teaching station is paired with an interactive projector

A webcam and a wireless lapel microphone are included to make the presentation system Zoom-ready, when paired with a Bluetooth microphone, such as the Aftershokz headset.



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