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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Email Format FAQ

Below are answers to some common questions about the standard IWU email formatting.

Q.  Can I just copy and paste from someone else's email signature?

A.  Although it is possible to copy and paste someone else's email signature, it is best to create your own email signature by following the provided instructions. If you choose to copy someone else's signature, you must be very careful to change all of the information including the email hyperlink. Failure to do so could result in missed communications and confusion. 

Q.  My email signature is formatted correctly, but when I send a message to someone else, the formatting changes. 

A.  Not all email clients display email messages the same way. Some (like Outlook) will preserve the format (font, color, etc...) of your messages, while others (like Entourage) will ignore it. Unfortunately, there is no way to make sure that your recipient will see your message exactly the way that you see it. However, following the guidelines in the Visual Identity Manual will go a long way toward ensuring that your messages appear readable and professional for every recipient. 

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