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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Signature Checklist

After you've created your email signature, review the items below to see if your email signature complies with the guidelines in the IWU Visual Identity Manual

 The entire email signature should be Arial regular 10 pt font.

 The body of the email should be set in the secondary serif font, Georgia 12 pt for legibility.

 To further assure appropriate representation, emails are to exclude backgrounds, stationery and images.  Please contact your immediate supervisor with questions.

 All of the text in the signature should be colored either IWU Red or IWU Gray. 

 All of the text of the signature should be UPPERCASE with the exception of the email address link.

 The first line of the signature should include your name and should be colored IWU Red. Relevant certifications, degrees, or accreditations can be included after your name. 

 The second line of the signature should include your job title and department/division/unit separated by a comma.

 Leave a single empty line after the second line of the signature. 

 No abbreviations should be used in the physical address (spell out SOUTH, STREET, INDIANA, etc...).

 Leave another empty line after the physical address.

 The eighth line of the signature should include your IWU work phone number, three spaces, the vertical bar symbol ("|"), three spaces, and your IWU fax number followed by "FAX". This line should also be colored IWU Red. If you do not have any fax number to include, enter only your IWU work phone number without the extra spaces or vertical bar.

Hyphens should be used to separate sections of the phone and fax numbers.

 The ninth line of the signature should include a click-able link with your IWU email address. The text should be all lowercase, underlined, and colored IWU Red.

 Leave another empty line after the email address link.

 The last line of the signature should include the website address "INDWES.EDU". It should not include the starting "http://www." and should not be a click-able link.

FIRST LAST NAME                                                            IWU Red       R: 181   G: 9    B:56

TITLE, UNIT OR SUB-UNIT NAME                                      IWU Gray      R: 98     G:100  B:102




MARION, INDIANA 46953-4974


765-677-2781 | 765-674-6901 FAX




Note: These instructions are based on version 2 of the Visual Identity Manual. In the event of any conflict, the Visual Identity Manual should be considered authoritative.




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