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Outlook 2003 Email Formatting

In order to setup your email formatting in Outlook 2003 to comply with the guidelines in the IWU Visual Identity Manual, follow the instructions below.

Email Signature Instructions

Open the Outlook Signature Editor by choosing Options from the Tools menu.


Under the Mail Format tab, click the Signatures button.


Click New to create a new signature.


Name the signature and choose "Start with a blank signature" and click Next.


Enter your information to match the standard IWU policy.


Click Ok to save your signature.

Adjusting Your Font and Color

To change the font and color, select the text you want to adjust and click the Font button.


All font should be Arial, Regular, and 10 point.


To set the color, use the custom color chooser. The IWU Red uses values of 181 for Red, 9 for Green, and 56 for Blue. IWU Grey will use 98 for Red, 100 for Green, and 102 for Blue.



Note: These instructions are based on version 1.8 of the Visual Identity Manual. In the event of any conflict, the Visual Identity Manual should be considered authoritative.

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