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Outlook 2013 Setup


Instructions on how to configure Outlook 2013 for use with Office 365.

Open the Account Setup Wizard

If this is the first account you are adding on Outlook,
  1. Start Outlook. The Add Account wizard should appear asking you to get started. Click Next.
  2. Select Yes on "Add an Email Account" page and click Next and go to the next section to configure Outlook.
If you have an existing account configured in Outlook (i.e. for a difference email service),
  1. Open the Control Panel and type"Mail" in the search box. Click the Mail Icon .
  2. Click Email Accounts in the "Mail Setup" window.

  3. Click New to start the "Account Setup Wizard" and continue on the next section.

1st Method Using Autodiscover

Try this method first if you have a University owned computer.

  1. For university computers your name and email address should be filled Automatically. If so, click Next.
  2. Click Finish after the setup completes to finalize the setup.

Note: The Autodiscover is not yet working for non-university computers. We are working to enable that feature and will update this article when it is working.

2nd Method - Using Outlook Anywhere

If the Autodiscover method doesn't work, try this method.

  1. On the Auto Account Setup page of the Account Setup Wizard, select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.
  2. Leave the default setting of Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service and click Next.
  3. On the Server Settings page, type in the "Server" box and your email address in the "User Name" Box (e.g. or Then click the More Settings button.

  4. On the Advanced tab, ensure that both "Use Cached Exchange Mode" and "Download shared folders" are checked.
  5. On the Security tab, select Anonymous Authentication in the "Logon network Security" drop down box.
  6. On the Connection tab, check the "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" box and click Exchange Proxy Settings.

  7. In the "Connection Settings" page check all the boxes and enter the following values:
    For "Use this URL..."
    For "Only connect to proxy..."
    For "Proxy Authentication Settings" Basic Authentication

  8. Click OK on the "Connection Settings" window, then click OK on the "Microsoft Exchange" window. A pop-up window may appear saying "You must restart Outlook for these changes to take effect." Click OK to close the window.
  9. Click Next on the Account Setup Wizard. A credentials box will appear asking for your username and password. Enter your email address and password, check "Remember my credentials", then click OK.

  10. When the wizard completes the configuration, click Finish to exit the wizard.
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