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Shared Categories

In Outlook 2011 any new categories created within the Outlook 2011 application will only be stored on the computer and will not be available via the WebApp or to those who have access to your inbox or calendar. To resolve this you will need to follow these instructions below.


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Creating the Categories for Sharing

The categories will need to initially be created via the Outlook WebApp. The instructions below detail the process.

  1. Log into the Outlook WebApp
  2. Right click on the Category field of any mail item as shown in the picture below:
  3. Choose "Manage Categories...":
  4. Choose "Create New Category...":
  5. Fill out the category's color and name and click "OK":
  6. Assign the new category to the email used in Step 2, or any other email message you wish to use by right clicking in the category field and selecting your newly created category:
    Assign Category.png

Editing the Categories in Outlook 2011

The steps below walk you through opening and modifying the categories in Outlook 2011 because initially the categories will be imported with a Grey color.


  1. Quit Outlook 2011 and then re-launch the application. 
    Outlook must be completely closed (Quit from Outlook menu, or Command+Q) to proceed.
  2. Locate the same mail message used in Step 6 above and open that mail item and right click on the category assigned to it:
     Category in Outlook.png
  3. Choose "Edit Categories...":
     Edit Category.png
  4. Assign the color of your choice for this category for use within Outlook 2011. 
    Assign Color.png
    Use the same or similar color that you used in the Outlook WebApp for a uniform appearance in all applications
  5. The category should now be available for others to use on the items they have access to in your mailbox (Inbox, Calendar, etc.).
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