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Update Distribution Group Membership


How to modify members of a distribution group that you manage.
Note: Before you can manage the membership of a distribution group, you must meet the following pre-requisites:
  1. Be the owner of the distribution group
  2. Be given the rights to do so in Exchange.

If you are lacking this permission, please submit a ticket to IT. 


To get started...

  1. Log on to the Exchange 2013 Control Panel at
  2. Click the Magnifying Glass Icon and type the name of the Distribution group into the search box. Then hit Enter to find the distribution group. 
  3. Click the distribution group you wish to modify, then click the Pencil icon to open the Group Settings. 
  4. Click membership on the left menu 
  5. To remove a member from the group, select the name and click the "-" icon. 
  6. To add a member to the group, click the "+" icon.
  7. Click the Magnifying Glass again and search for the user to add (try typing the first or last name only).
  8. When you find the user to wish to add, select the name, and click the Add button. Click Ok, then Save. 


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