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Increasing Mailbox size

Due to our current messaging system capacity and design, increasing a mailbox size could be a considerable expense to the University. Please consider the following for reducing the size of your current mailbox before requesting an increase in your mail box size;

  • Empty the “Deleted Items” folder – items you delete go here and count against the email size if they are not emptied.
  • Review and archive or delete items in the “Sent Items” folders – This folder may have emails that were copies of what you already have saved with quick replies only or attached files that you have a copy of on your computer or a network share drive.
  • Remove attached files and save the attachment to your computer or network drive. – File attachments add to your email size quickly and can be viewed in the same format from your computer as from an email message.
  • If you are working on a project that sends copies of file attachments back and forth, consider creating and using a network share folder to exchange files among your project group (or remove and save attachments as you receive them).

Please let us know if you need further assistance with reducing your mailbox size.

You may also find instructions on how to Reduce Mailbox size in this article and Mailbox Size Limits here.

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