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Email Setup Issues(OnMicrosoft Instructions)

Post Migration Email Setup Instructions

These instructions are for people who are unable to set up their email accounts using the standard instructions.


Step 1

In the Control Panel, open Mail and access the outlook profiles. Here delete the profile listed.

NOTE: If the user has multiple profiles delete the primary one only.

NOTE 2: If the customer has a brand new computer that hasn't had an email account set up before and downloaded any of the cached emails you may run into an error where the automatically created account gets stuck in a loop copying information that isn't there. In this case you may need to delete the .OST file and then clear the registry key pointing to it before being able to delete the profile. Instructions can be found here.

Step 2

The window should change to set up a new email account. (It is possible that it autofills with some information.)

Change the email address to end in, and then let the customer enter their password then press OK.

Step 3

After a minute or so a UAC pop-up will appear asking for credentials. It will fill itself in using the previous email address as you entered it. Change this to their normal email address and have the customer enter their password. You'll have to do this twice in a row.

NOTE: Be sure to check Remember this password or else the prompt will show up continuously.

Step 4

Open outlook and make sure it pulls in all the information. There are a couple of issues that can crop up at this point. First, The folders may not open properly if Windows put the application into compatibility mode due to repeated failures to open. This can be fixed by right clicking on the outlook icon on the desktop or in the start menu and going to properties. From here go to the compatibility tab and uncheck compatibility mode.

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