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Update Distribution Group Membership


How to modify members of a distribution group that you manage.
Note: Before you can manage the membership of a distribution group, you must verify that you are the owner of the distribution group, or have permissions to edit the group.

If you do not have such permissions, please contact the Support Center at ext. 2209 (765-677-2209).


As the owner or editor of an email distribution list, you are able to modify group membership. An email distribution list is a group that has is own email address.
Please note: If a distribution list has been hidden from the global address book, you will not be able to view membership of the list.


  1. Open Outlook
  2. On the ribbon of the Mail tab, click on the Address Book button. The Address Book should open in a new window.

1 Outlook Header.png


3. From the Address Book list, select Global Address List.

2 Address List.png


4. In the Search field, type the name or email address of the list you own and want to modify. Click Go.

3 Address Book.png


5. Select a distribution list from the search results.

6. Double-click on the list to view membership and other properties of the list

7. Click on the Modify Members... button of the list properties window. A contact Group Membership window should appear.



Removing Members

1. Select the person's name from the Members list.

2. Click Remove.

5 Modify.png

3. Repeat the process for any other people that should be removed from the list. Then, click OK to save changes.


Adding Members

1. Click on the Add... button.

2. On the Add Users window that appears, use the Search feature to find people in the Global Address List or from your Contacts that you want to add to the list.

3. From the results, select the person you want to add and click the Add -> button

6 Add members.png


4. When you have finished selecting members, click OK. NOTE: This can take a few moments, be patient.

5. Verify that the new members have been added by reviewing the Members list.

6. Click OK to apply changes to list membership.

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