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Adding e-mail addresses to Blocked Senders list


Occasionally, as with many e-mail systems, a user may receive an unwanted e-mail or e-mails from unknown sources (spam/junk e-mail, etc.). Generally the easiest way to avoid continuing to receive said e-mails is to add the e-mail address they are coming from to the 'blocked senders' list in the e-mail system.


To add e-mail addresses to the 'blocked senders' please see the following steps after logging into your e-mail account.

1. First,  select the wheel-shaped icon near the top-right of the e-mail page followed by the 'Options' listing.



2. Select 'block or allow' from the menu on the left-side of the screen.



3. Under the blocked senders section type the e-mail address you are receiving the spam/junk e-mail from and select the '+' button to the right. Finally, select the 'Save' button near the bottom of the page.




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