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Forward/Redirect Email to Another Account


This tutorial will walk you through using inbox rules to forward your email to another email account. Outlook.com now allows you to "redirect" emails instead of forwarding them. Learn more about Forward vs. Redirect.


After completing this tutorial you will have successfully setup forwarding on your IWU Email account. Forwarding allows you to send messages to another email account.


First Step

Login to your IWU Email account. If you need assistance signing into your IWU Email account, check out our Email Setup Instructions.

Second Step

  1. Once you've signed into your email account, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner as shown below
  2. Then click on "Options" as shown below
  3. Next, Click on organize email.

Third Step

Now that you are in the inbox rules screen follow these steps:

  1. Click on the plus icon.
  2. Select "Create a new rule for arriving messages..."
  3. In the next screen under "When the message arrives, and:" select [Apply to all messages].
  4. In the "Do the following:" menu select Redirect the message to... (Learn more about "Redirect")
  5. The next screen that appears is your "Address Book". At the top of the screen in the "To -> " field enter the email address you wish to forward to and click OK
  6.  Click "Save" in the bottom right corner
  7. On the disclaimer screen make sure you agree to apply this to ALL messages by clicking on "Yes"
  8. Your rule should now show up in your list of rules in the middle of the screen.

​Fourth Step

Test your rule by sending an email to your IWU email account which should be  your username followed by @myemail.indwes.edu. Once you've sent an email to your IWU account within a few minutes your test email should now appear in the account you entered in the "To ->" field in step five in the section above.

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