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Add Attachments to an Email


This guide requires that you are able to complete the following tutorials:

  1. Logging into
  2. Writing an Email


After completing this tutorial you will have successfully attached a file to an email. And sent this on to another recipient.

First Step

Log into your email, and begin a new message. If you need any assistance with these two items check out these other tutorials:

  1. Logging into
  2. Writing an Email

Once you've got a new message started proceed to the Second Step below.

Second Step

In your new message screen, you should have a toolbar that looks similar to that below. You will need to click on the button indicated by the redbox in the image below. This should resemble a paperclip. 


In the new menu that apperas click on "Files as attachments" as indicated in the picture below.


Third Step

On the new screen that appears you'll be able to browse your computer for the file you wish to attach. The section of the window to the left allows you to jump to various locations on your computer, such as the "Desktop"


Once you locate the file you wish to upload, click on that file once on the right side of the window, as shown below. The file in this case is a text file named "Test".


Then click Open at the bottom of hte window as shown below


Fourth Step

Once the file is attached it will appear in your message just below the Subject field. The size of the attachment is also indicated to the right of the attachments name as shown below.



Size Limits
Most recipients will not be able to receive an email that is over 10MB in size. This means all of your attachments bust be less than 10MB in order for your email to be received. Use the chart below to help determine if your email can be sent.
Measured In Defined Safe to Send?
B Bytes If your message is measured in Bytes it is safe to send.
KB Kilobytes If your message is measured in Kilobytes it is safe to send.
MB Megabytes If all attachments measured in MB are added up and are less than 10 your message should send. (Ex.  Attached: test.txt (4MB) ; test2.txt(5MB)  -- 4+5 =9 this means this would be safe to send.)
GB Gigabytes Your message will NOT send.

Fifth Step

Proceed with typing your email and send it as you would normally.

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