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Reply, Reply All and Forwarding Emails


This guide requires that you are able to complete the following tutorials:

  1. Logging into


After completing this tutorial you will have the knowledge to properly reply, reply all and forward emails.


First Step

Logging into your email. If you need any assistance with this item check out this other tutorial:

  1. Logging into

Second Step

Locate the email that you would like to work with and choose the option you would like.

  1. Click on the email you want to work with.
  2. In the upper right corner of the preview window choose the option you would like.  (What is the difference?)


       3.  If you have chosen to forward the message, in the new window that opens you will add the email address(s) you want to send to, and any message that you would like to add.

       4.  If you have chosen either Reply or Reply All you will not need to fill out the To field, but you will need to add any message that you would like.

If you need further assistance with how to fill out the new message window please see Writing an Email.

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