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Setting the Time Zone for Outlook Live


This guide requires that you are able to complete the following tutorials:

  1. Logging into Outlook.com


After completing this tutorial you will have successfully changed your time zone

First Step

Log into your email, and begin a new message. If you need any assistance with these two items check out these other tutorials:

  1. Logging into Outlook.com

Once you are logged in proceed to the Second Step below.

Second Step

In the top right hand corner click on the Gear icon.

Office 2013 Options menu.png

From the Drop down choose Options.

Office 2013 Options Dropdown.png

Third Step

On the following screen choose Settings from the Menu on the Left.

Office 2013 Settings button.png

At the top of the settings screen choose Regional.

Office 2013 Regional Menu.png

Fourth Step

In the Regional settings menu choose the Time Zone that you reside in.

Office 2013 Time Zone Setting.png

The times that recipients will see your emails being sent out will now be correct for all emails sent after this change is made.

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