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Writing an Email


This tutorial will walk you through creating a basic text only email. This is an important and valuable skill to learn as Email is a primary channel of communication at IWU.


First Step

Log into your IWU Email account. If you need assistance with this step, check out our Email Setup Instructions before continuing any further.

Second Step

  1. Once you've completed the first step you should see this screen (Click the image to enlarge)

  2. To Proceed with creating an Email click on the "New" button indicated below


​Third Step

The picture below should be the screen that appears next. To continue with writing an email follow the steps below the picture.



  1. Enter the email address of the person you are trying to reach in this field (ex:​
    Multiple Email Addresses
    You can send a single email to multiple addresses by separating addresses with a semicolon. (Ex.;;
  2. ​​This is where you type the "Subject" of your email. This can also be thought of as a "Title" for your message. Its best to keep these short, but descriptive.​
  3. ​​This is the "Body" of your message. This is where you would type your message that you wish to send on to the person you entered in Step 1.

Fourth Step

Read through your message and make certain it looks correct. Once you've finished this, proceed to click on the Send button as indicated below.



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