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Android Devices

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This tutorial will walk you through setting up an Android Device (phone or tablet) with your IWU MyEmail account.


To get started you'll need to get to the account setup screen on your Android device.

  1. In your apps locate the "Settings" application.

  2. In the Settings locate the "Accounts & Sync.", "Accounts", or "Email" options in settings.

  3. Tap "Add Account"

  4. Here you should now see the account type screen. Here we want to choose "Exchange", or "Corporate"

  5. If it is available to you choose to manually set up the account. Otherwise your device will attempt to automatically setup your account and then prompt for more information.

    • If you chose "Corporate" above, you should now be given a choice of account type. We want to choose "Exchange" here.

  6. ​Now it should be asking for your password, this will be the same information you use to log into the portal.

  7. The next screen should list your Username, Password and ask for further information.

    • Server:  outlook.office365.com 

    • Domain: [Leave this blank as it is optional]

    • Check "Use Secure Connection. [If Shown]

  8. Hit next.

    • You may see a prompt to allow your account to have access to your device. Choose "OK"

Once you've completed the steps above you just need to check your account by opening the Email app. It may take several minutes for your first messages to appear in the app.


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